Welcome To The Engine Of Excess Website.

Engine Of Excess came into being in 2006, instigated by musical mastermind and songwriter extraordinaire ... Andy Excess.

EOE is Andy's first project, and indeed first solo project, since recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 1992, which resulted in him losing his left leg above the knee. Andy's left arm was also badly broken and his left hand had to be rebuilt after being smashed to pieces. Andy still has a large metal plate in his arm to this day.

Due to Andy's extensive injuries and resulting chronic depression, he is no longer able to play in the live theatre, so EOE is a strictly studio-only project.

Andy's music is influenced by all genres, but you can guarantee that you will always detect the likes of Rammstein, Black Sabbath, T.Rex, Jethro Tull, Sex Pistols, Tubeway Army, Sisters of Mercy, and Punishment of Luxury somewhere in the mix.

Well, there you go, I'm sure you get the idea, so please have a look around and hopefully you will like what you see and hear.


Andy's path into playing live music really began in junior school, where he learned to play the recorder and the violin, although his real forte as a youngster was his voice. He regularly sang in school productions as a solo chorester.

Andy's progression into playing with bands came about in his second year at senior school, when he was asked by some school friends to try out as lead vocalist for their band. He was accepted there and then, and eventually became lead vocalist and bass player as the band actually hadn't got a four-stringer. This band became Black Narcissus, eventually being shortened to just Narcissus.

The rest, as they say, is history, with Andy following an ever-ascending career with the likes of The Agitators, Division 4, Square Shapes, Thunderchilde, Roxberg, Radio Free Moscow, Stateline, The Grudge, and seminal NWOBHM miscreants Avalanche.

1992 saw the near-fatal motorcycle accident, followed by a long hiatus for recovery until Andy decided to try and prove to himself that he could still play, and EOE was born.